One of the factors that affect student achievement

One of the factors that affect student achievement

Of course, the exam is an integral part of the education system, and as it is known a way to measure the level of the student and the extent of his progress in knowledge, it is a process to test the capabilities and achievement of students in any field of the academic program, and this is why the parents of students are keen that their children prepare well for it and make a lot of time and effort to get At the highest levels to pass it, however it is well prepared for it, it may happen that the results are not satisfactory to the student and his family, so he starts asking questions about the reason for this

This is due to the fact that success is in passing the test or obtaining good grades in it that may be determined by several other factors and may create many obstacles and problems in measuring the real performance of the student, most of these factors must be done before the actual moment to take the test, and we will learn in the following lines on These factors must be borne in mind and offer some advice to students and their families and what teachers can do to help their students achieve success and their high hopes..

One of the most important factors that may affect the student’s ability to focus and perform well during the exam is the exam itself and the way it is conducted, and it includes the rigor of teachers and professors in awarding points, or chaos and the lack of organization of the answer sheet for students, which may contribute significantly to obtaining a lower score in the tests because the corrector do not understand For the paper, and it may also be because of the style of questions and materials that students test for students may perform poorly on the test if they do not understand the structure of the test and what they are supposed to answer or write or how they should respond to questions. They simply cannot cope with exam situations and as a result do not score good results.

No time for daily review:

It is one of the most prevalent factors among students, they come to the class and pay attention and participate with great activity and when they leave the class they think that their work ended at this point and this is very far from the truth, the work that students do in school is really just the beginning of what should be after him, They need review to improve their performance, develop analytical skills, their solution, and instill lessons in their minds and memories, and they will not achieve this goal by simply attending and absorbing lessons in the classroom without embedding them in the review, let alone taking tests and taking good grades.

So whether you are a student in elementary and middle school or a student in college and high school you must do a daily routine to do homework and do not excuse that who says that he does not have time for review, and teachers should help encourage their students to do some additional work or projects at home on a regular basis And parents should, so that their children get used from childhood, set aside a specific time for study, and organize a schedule for the review throughout the school year.
Frequent absence
This is one of the most important and obvious factors why some students do not pass the exams. And often this is a big problem, the absence from the lessons, even if one lesson will lead them to not understand the lessons that follow, the study programs may be interconnected and the repeated absence of many times will undoubtedly affect their performance in the tests.
Therefore, parents should monitor the absence of their children and compel them to go to class in the event that the absence is unjustified and help them to exercise a sense of responsibility, and the teachers have a responsibility to ensure that students understand the consequences of the absence and the large number.

:Fear of the exam
This factor prevails over students who take fateful exams, such as middle school, high school, and even classroom exams at the university. These students usually get good marks in the quarterly exams, but they do not do a good job in the basic test. Doing their maximum potential so that they do not depend on them as a result of this pressure.

Therefore they must be prepared and trained for testing and calm their nerves and the best way to calm their anxiety or panic from the exam is to make them aware that all they simply have to do is relieve stress by doing their best in studying, and talk to them positively about the tests.

Many factors can affect the results and performance of students in the tests, and the solution lies in enhancing the student’s internal motivation and focusing on good performance in the test by doing their best and making sure the student is comfortable throughout the school days, especially on test days, and encouraging them positively before the test and playing our role as parents and teachers To prepare them for success and confidence in themselves to pass the test.




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