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Balancing your mind and heart is what we need to be satisfied in our lives. The heart and soul are easy to reach, but the mind requires patience and continuous learning. These are some tips you may need to achieve excellence for your mind.

Distinguish your leadership

When a leader takes his first footsteps into the future, there is something he has to keep in mind, that if his team is wrong and must bear the mistake with them, he has to be wise in choosing the right team.

Enthusiasm and leadership are members of one body

Any leader has to be cheerful and support his team at the same time, otherwise he will lose his team's confidence and enthusiasm in the task and this will be a bad leader

Righteousness is the key

Any work needs a high effort, commitment and sincerity to succeed, but there is something more important to ensure the success of the work, which is the necessity of integrity in the work, which is important in everything

Honestly sells

I worked some years in sales, I was able to sell easily honesty and also the customer impressed me from the first visit, where he gave me confidence and respect, and this is the beginning to gain knowledge and long-term friendships

Be thankful and always smile

You may say that the same thing when you are positive, not entirely true, positive means to focus on the good thing and avoid the bad, here we talk about humility and simplicity that will lead you to smile and enjoy life no matter what circumstances, will make you open to any situation good or bad

Seek what you love

At first find what you love, then work in it, and work in what you love brings a happy life and success

Don't run away from work

Some people must sit at home and sit in front of the TV and do nothing important, and therefore will begin to laziness penetrate him, may do what he wants but will not achieve anything in his life and waste his time, so work better

Be a good communicator

The key to excellent communication is listening, listening, stopping and listening. Then you will see yourself answering the right words and matching what you say.

Autonomy of your own

  In the end you will reach Omar You must autonomy yourself, there are some reach it faster than others, to succeed in that you must feel the responsibility, at first be responsible for your life and then for your family and to be independent in a larger circle

Delete negative people

You must do without any hesitation and as they will absorb your positive energy and as if you accompanied them many may become them and will lead to destruction in your life (what you believe will happen)

There are a lot of things we learn to enlighten our minds. These are some of the things I wrote down in my memo. What is more important is the continuity of non-stop education because we are all pupils in a school


called life.

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10 key tips to enlighten your mind

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